RFID, Jewellery RFID Tag, Solar RFID Tags
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RFID, Jewellery RFID Tag, Solar RFID Tags
RFID, Jewellery RFID Tag, Solar RFID Tags
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RFID Manufacturer

We are one of the leading RFID Manufacturer products in India. This status has been achieved due to the following reasons:

  1. A state-of-the-art facility that has been built with the best plant and machinery available in the world.
  2. An experienced team
  3. Emphasis on process oriented manufacturing
  4. Investment in R&D and development of innovative products
  5. Professional Management
  6. Backing of Angel Investors and strong financial strength

The solutions of the technology is based on the radio waves or radio waves communication.The technology is embedded to the high end systems which progressive to the wireless like use of the bluetooth and wifi. The RFID’s radio waves communication are the best signal transmitted from one device to another device.

The RFID Radio frequency Identification system. The task of the system is used to detect the particular item which is enabled with the associated devices.? The most important of RFID is its fast deliver of data , enables high speed data exchange of maximum frequency range.

The technical specification of the RFID solar Tag is

  1. Frequency range :-- 13.57 MHz ,& 801 MHz to 951 MHz
  2. Sub :- PVC , PC , PEt, ( Other materials on request ).
  3. Temp :- -21°C + 124°C
  4. Personalization :- no Printing
  5. Application :- Special for Solar Panel ,Asset Management, Anti-Theft ,Pharmaceutical, Chemical industries ,Medical & Food Applications
  6. Protection segment:- IP 57.

We have the clients in India and around the world . We also manufacture the other products such as - NFC Tag,NFC Sticker,RFID Solar Tag,Solar RFID,Smart Card,Windshield Tag,RFID,AVI Tag,Animal ID Tag,Jewellery RFID Tag,Jewelry RFID Tag,RFID Manufacturer,Asset,RFID Tag,RFID Asset Tracking,RFID Label,RFID Metal Tag .

For more information of the RFID can call us or can even fill in the details in our portal we will revert back to you shortly.

RFID, Jewellery RFID Tag, Solar RFID Tags
RFID, Jewellery RFID Tag, Solar RFID Tags
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